We future proof startup businesses.

We do this by ensuring they operate in an economically sustainable way with a practical climate consciousness.  This meets the demand for sustainably produced products and services by savvy customers, ethical business partners, smart supply chains, shrewd insurers and climate-aware investors in the covid-19 era.

The Hub is a space for innovative start up businesses which recognise the significant impacts on business in a climate aware world. We are partners in the Conquering Covid Campaign.

We grow and nurture the skills and knowledge of innovators and startup organisations and create connections, provide learning opportunities, inspire fresh ideas and build economic and personal resilience.

The Sustainable Startup Hub is anchored in Queensland’s Moreton Bay Region with a reach into collaborating regions and countries wanting to respond to the sustainability challenge.

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the need.

Advance Queensland Regional Innovation Program and leading regional groups have recognised the need for local hubs to support startup businesses as a means to encourage innovation, build connections and promote regional economic growth and resilience leading to an aspirational post covid era.

Entrepreneurial company NACC (Nielsen And Company Consulting) and regional partners recognise that startup businesses need to build knowledge and skills in areas such as:

  • Business setup, governance and structure
  • Financial planning and administration
  • IP protection, trademarks, and contracts
  • Product commercialisation pathways
  • Marketing and communications strategy
  • Social media and online channels
  • Tools, technologies and business processes
  • Sales techniques and revenue opportunities
  • Staff/supplier selection and management
  • Purchasing and procurement
  • Importing and exporting products/services
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Corporate citizenship
  • Networking and relationship building.

the solution.

NACC and partners have a reputation for connecting people and ideas, and inspiring innovative, sustainable startups. The innovative team provides expert mentoring, creative and collaborative networks, sustainable business planning, drop-in working spaces and a unique online capability which services the needs of ethical and smart startup businesses.

The Sustainable Startup Hub helps innovators and startup organisations to:

  • Develop operational capabilities
  • Turn ideas into commercial realities
  • Realise their economic potential
  • Reach local and international markets
  • Build environmental sustainability into their operations
  • Connect with mentors, advisors and businesses
  • Grow practical skills and knowledge
  • Catalyse the emergence of young entrepreneurs
  • Access business meeting spaces in the city
  • Access drop-in hubs in spaces across the region with associated hot desks, green room and meeting spaces



The Sustainable Startup Hub will be a focal point for innovators in the Moreton Bay region and collaborating regional hubs, supporting an ecosystem that fosters sustainable growth.

Activities which may be accessed via the Hub include:

  • Startup round tables involving acknowledged experts
  • Mentoring from business and industry professionals
  • Sustainability Action Planning to develop plans for building businesses that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable
  • Online capability to connect startup businesses and business ideas to relevant support, education, training, coaching and mentoring services
  • Engagement with entrepreneurial startup and investment communities
  • Partnerships with regional Chambers of Commerce to support local innovators and Drop-in Hubs
  • Creation of co-working spaces in partnership with the Chamber network, Drop-in Hubs and collaborating businesses
  • Participation in local Sustainable Business Precincts
  • Long Table Conversation program providing an ambient and collaborative atmosphere for networking, learning and ad hoc mentoring
  • Access to professional meeting spaces in the CBD
  • Research in the startup and innovation area, engaging with specialist researchers

how it works.

why it works.

The Sustainable Startup Hub is about much more than realising an innovative idea or starting a business.

Built around principles of sustainability, the hub aims to help startups add value, grow and flourish longer term.

Here’s why the Sustainable Startup Hub is so well positioned to help:

  • Sustainability: this is crucial to new businesses (whatever industry they operate in) because many large corporates are now requiring suppliers, partners and contractors to demonstrate their environmental integrity. The hub has capacity to help startups build truly sustainable businesses (economic, social and environmental)
  • Collaboration: NACC has a track record delivering collaborative projects for a range of commercial, governmental and not for profit clients
  • Connections: the hub’s extensive network extends across the private and public sector, covering a myriad of industries. A key part of the hub’s role will be to put innovators in contact with the people and organisations they need at the time
  • Fresh ideas: we work with schools and young entrepreneurs to encourage the innovators of the future

our network.

The Sustainable Startup Hub has access to highly regarded professionals providing invaluable services. Many of these people have run innovative organisations and delivered a wide range of major projects.


Our network includes:

  • Industry experts in business planning and development, organisational planning, project management, finance, governance, risk management, architecture, engineering, technology, design, construction, community engagement, marketing and communications, event management, social media strategy and environmental sustainability
  • Members of Boards of partnering groups with experience as CEOs of successful companies, organisations and community-owned enterprises. Advisors have a wealth of experience as leaders of start-up organisations, including tech start-ups and community start-ups
  • University researchers
  • Relationships with government, business and community organisations
  • Local entrepreneurs, businesses and entities

we’re ready.  are you?

The Sustainable Startup Hub will have a physical base at a number of Drop-in Hubs in the region. we have the capacity to support startup businesses online, on-site or wherever the need dictates, as a space with or without walls.

Activities will build a sustainable operation funded from various sources, including participating startup businesses and Advance Queensland.


Howard Nielsen   
0407 190 162

Ellena Stone
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what to do next?

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